Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I Wouldn't Want to Piss Off Gregory Peck

Well son, you're bystanding days are over!


FUBAR Nation Ben said...

One of the greatest movies ever made. I watched this movie tens of times as a kid and just now realize how awesome it is: an all star cast of the some of the greatest actors ever.

Anonymous said...


Take The Red Pill said...

Although this is one of my favorite WW II action movies, don't forget that Peck was just 'acting'.
In real life, he was a liberal activist and lifelong supporter of the Democratic Party, a vociferous advocate for gun control, and used his 'star' status to campaign for Democratic Party cantidates.

HlynkaCG said...

@ FUBAR Nation.

Same here, haven't seen that movie in years. Damn, my memory of that scene just did not do it justice.

As an aside, if you scroll through the links at the end you'll see 1200 High, another great Peck film.

Looks like someone uploaded the whole movie, I'm watching it now.

Elijah said...

Probably Niven as well. Dude was a Commando in WWII.