Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday Night Linkage

More vomit from leftist lawmakers in New York.

The "Racism Bubble."  ie - when whites got sick and tired of being called racist when they weren't and the word lost it's meaning and now nobody cares.

Jesse Jackson proving he is an idiot.  Though not as dumb as the congressman(woman?) who though Guam would sink if we put more Marines on it.

Steve echoes my previous sentiments about sports fans having psychological problems.

Lefty crusaderist woman goes to India and starts telling them what to do.  Then gets murdered.  I love happy endings. 

Socialism!  Coming to a United States near you!


kurt9 said...

I like the expression "eloi tax".

Kristophr said...

I feel for that poor India cabbie.

He probably thought he had won the lottery when a pretty young American feminist trust kiddie married him.

Poor sot.

And the trust kiddie didn't realize that some ethnic groups in India tend to react violently with wives who are disobedient.

sth_txs said...

I wonder how the NYC lawmaker will make the ghetto people comply? Heck, they comply with everything else, right?

Blinding Buddha said...

Yet another stupid law making it harder for me to live here in the socialist state of ny!

Anonymous said...

Hey Cap,

I saw this and thought you'd love this:

Honest University Commercial

My favourite part was about how "in order to complete your dentistry degree you'll need to take women's studies".

Jones said...

The "racism bubble" parallels the way Russians regard the Western media: they regard it as some outside voice that speaks to someone other than them, thereby having no importance.

I suppose when you decide you're going to go Full Russian, there are lots of ugly Western habits that can simply go get properly stuffed.

"You're being racist!"

"No, I'm being Russian."

Now they won't dare discriminate against you because you're aligned with a "minority" ...

It's even more fun if you're wearing your Kommissar Obama hat ...

Alles klar, der Kommissar? :-)