Tuesday, February 04, 2014

"Maybe You Just Attract the Wrong Type of Women"

I've always wanted to address this topic and probably have in the past, but (not to plug the podcast again) in reviewing it I really hit this one out of the park.  It is also an important lesson for all the young boys (and men in the dating world) to learn because the two most common reasons the women in your life will give you as to why you're having trouble with girls will be:

1.  "Maybe you just attract the wrong type of women" and
2.  "Maybe you're just not looking in the right places."

I have a different theory.  Well, it isn't a theory, it's a fact.  But it will at least salvage your sanity as to why you're seemingly having trouble finding quality girls.  You can listen to the whole podcast, but this topic is specifically addressed at the 59:50 mark.


Anonymous said...

Re: only white person on your team

Is Aurini northern, or southern Italian? The former don't consider the latter white.

Doubting Richard said...

I would go further than to say that the incentive for the poor men, especially blacks in the USA but whatever colour wherever in the developed world, has been destroyed.

These unfortunate people are in fact acting in exactly the way economics (or rather econometrics) tells us they will act. They are acting rationally. To act any other way would suggest they are stupid or irrational.

They have been told they are no good without a degree. Most have been told that they will never get a good education, so to drop out is rational. Those that have been told they can get an education have been told that black history, feminist literature or underwater basket weaving is as valid as Earth Sciences (my degree, and rather valuable with current oil prices if I were entering the job market today) as a major. They realise that these degrees are easier. Their response is to take the easy degree, and that is entirely rational with the lies that they have been told.

These people have been told that government will look after them. They know that if they work, and happened upon a lucrative career then they would be vilified by the press and socialists in government, up to and including the POTUS. They will be taxed, their money will not be theirs but left to them at the whim of government. Even if their income is modest much will be taken from them and nothing valuable given in return. Their rational response is not to try, not to work hard, not to take any risk whatever the reward.

A every turn regulations make it harder for people to start making a living, especially working for himself which can be most lucrative and satisfying but also in improving his career prospects. Why risk it when government actively discourages it?

These people are utterly rational. The system has made it the rational choice to destroy their own chances at a better life.

We should of course celebrate every single one who goes against that rational choice, and rail against that horrible system that places such a cruel need in front of young people.

Anonymous said...

I want you to know that I am GENUINELY SPOOKED and amazed that YOU - and I - and every other fucking guy has heard this bullshit "Maybe You Just Attract the Wrong Type of Women"..... and "your just looking in the wrong places".

I finally found EXACTLY the right response to that bullshit deflection:

"You're just looking in the wrong places"

"51% of people are women. That means even if I DONT want to meet a woman, I am MORE LIKELY to meet a woman. I'm not looking in the wrong places. That's stupid. Women are everywhere. Like trashcans."

When I started using this response, they are rendered speechless and you are free to lay into them about their shitty second class behavior. Enjoy the PANIC on their faces.

Enjoyed your podcast very much.