Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Latest Episode of The Clarey Podcast

In this latest episode I discuss how I will be going "curse free" for a week as a request from several people to see if it boosts readership.  I also delve into why people curse, why it's good to have hate and anger, and opine how cushy life must be for people who don't curse.  I ask what the deal is with the robots during the intermission of NFL games.  Is that manly?  Is that cool?  Also, a review of The Lego Movie which leads to a plea for adults to not forget what it was like to be a child.

Also, don't forget last week's episode which apparently nobody knew about!


Kristophr said...

It ain't the cursing that screws ya up.

When you get angry, your voice raises a half octave, and you start to sound whiny.

I wonder if Aurini will sell you diction lessons?

Torgo said...

I loved the Lego movie as well. The "dark, brooding, groundbreaking", and silly Batman song is hilarious.

Kristophr said...

Hilarious podcast.

Maybe your commenters from the earlier post will demand you not Blaspheme, since avoiding gutter speech didn't work out so well.

Loved it. Don't let others censor you ( including retards like me who accuse you of whining ).

Leopardon said...

Robots during NFL games? Unless they've started showing episodes of DAI APOLON at halftime I'm still not interested in football.


I try to avoid cursing as punctuation - it makes one get more creative with their epithets.

Keep up the great work on the podcast!