Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wednesday Night Linkage

Aurini's disseection of "The Feminine Mystique" part 2.

Some humor from Mr. Aurini as well:


How many will stay?

The "pact."  Though I would say it's socialists playing two groups of people off each other.

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Anonymous said...

Female programmers are almost universally a joke. A majority of my classmates in the intro courses were female. Not a single one earned the degree. NOT ONE.

This field requires serious math, logic, focus, self-education, intelligence, dedication and autonomy. Gee, I can't begin to wonder why wimmin might be underrepresented.

All the skid-greasing, hand wringing and quota filling that has been done to advance wimmin in CS is reason to avoid them like the plague in any capacity: employees, coworkers or god forbid, bosses.