Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Wednesday Night Linkage

Closing the female wage gap by asking women to volunteer and intern for free.

Aurini writes another low-brow, low-IQ post that is typical of his ho-hum topic selection.  Damnit Aurini could you write something intelligent for once!

Hannah Smith - a genuine tyrant and (of course) liberal arts major.

Diversity burn out.

Based on analytics only 15% of my readership is female.  That 15% is going to have a huge advantage over the remaining 85% in that they dare to  simply listen to what men want.

After 60 odd years of life, 20+ years in radio, and 8 years after alternative media picked up on it, Joe Soucheray finally discovers the public school system is replacing families (around the 32 minute mark).  I officially award him a "Welcome to the Party Pal" Award. (though the MSM is expected to pick up on this trend in 2058)

Why can't cool shit like this happen here so I can go look at it?

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BadOPCode said...

Holy crap that Hannah femme nazi is scary as hell! "When we let MRA posters onto our campuses (even those with poorly designed webpages), we are legitimating their claims that there is a ‘debate’ to be had about feminism and gender equality."
I find it a bit ironic the group that is talking... no bitching about the objectifying and judging women based on comeliness and not content, can turn around and do the exact same thing to a man's web page and it's a cute and humorous little antidote.
But point blank this femme nazi is directly talking about marginalizing a group of people and saying this group of people needs to be ignored because they are unworthy of our greatness.
Inequality? Where? The only things they can point to is the group I call "assholes" that we all have to deal with. That is called life. If there is a gender difference in the population of "assholes" I would say it leans more towards women with their self-righteous behavior.
"I can treat a group of people like absolute crap because i'm female and they are all trying to get me." Paranoid delusional crap.
Look any time you tell yourself... "I'm justified to treat someone else as inferior because..." it doesn't matter what comes next you are automatically in the "asshole" group.