Thursday, January 02, 2014

Bachelor Pad Economics Now Available on Kindle!

Hello economists, lieutenants, children, and agents in the field.

Bachelor Pad Economics is now officially available on Kindle.  You may purchase it here.

Also, because of the breadth of the topic, I put together this youtube video explaining the book, who it's for, how to read it, etc.  You may want to send the video to people you're trying to explain the book to if you are being so kind as to plug my book.

Thanks for all the support and readership.  BPE is now ranked 2,100th place on Amazon and I almost earned enough money to pay for the ascot and smoking jacket!



Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Who are the people on the BACK cover?

heresolong said...





Just saying.

And saying.

And saying.

How 'bout some love, Cappy? Is there an upfront cost to get the book cross listed? I'm just wondering cause I don't know this stuff.

Anonymous said...

Purchased. Thanks cap for all your writing, I've bought 3 of your books now, great stuff.

Carl said...

Just bought it. That's the first forward I've ever read that was not a waste of time ;)

Don't have a blog said...

Recently discovered your blog, cap'n.
Just bought the kindle book. Thanks for writing it.

JoeAmerica said...

It should be nominated for a pulitzer prize