Thursday, January 02, 2014

Quiz Time Boys and Girls!

OK boys and girls!

Can you tell ole Cappy what Amy and her husband did wrong?

I count 6 mistakes.


Stay frosty, boys.  Stay frosty.


heresolong said...

A couple observations. One is getting a degree in Interior Design plus I wonder if her husband got a degree to become a dance instructor. Another is that they chose to have kids before they had paid off their debt.

I do think your criticism of her staying at home is misplaced. It is demonstrably better for the kids to have a stay at home parent and from the article it sounds like they both worked at first.

I think they've done a bang up job but wonder what they could have done for themselves financially if she hadn't racked up over $100k in student debt for no apparent purpose.

Rosalys said...

Well the first mistake was for Amy to go to college to study interior design (you don't need a 4 year college degree to be an interior designer) and the second and biggest mistake was to go into debt to the tune of $116 grand for said worthless degree. The mistakes were huge and costly but it seems she and her husband both learned very well from them. I'd say they are pretty much doing it the right way now. I assume that her husband knew about these debts when he married her. If not then there was deceit on her part and that would be error #3, but the story doesn't enlighten us on this matter. So you marry the girl, you marry the debt. That's the way it goes. When I married my husband I married his school loan debt, too. Eventually we finished paying them off with some money that I inherited. So what? We are still married and I have no regrets. It's a bad thing to start off marriage with the my money, your money, my debt your debt mentality; it's a recipe for divorce. I'm glad to see that Amy is now about to pop out her third child and is staying home to take care of them and the house. The Kroezen's are doing it right. They have learned that their primary job is to raise the next generation in a responsible way.

daniel_ream said...

I got as far as "interior design degree" and "dance instructor" and then said fuck it.

Neil Schnurr said...

Let me give this a try.
1)She chose a worthless major.
2)She took on a large amount of debt getting it.
3)It couldn't have been a mistake for her to marry a dance instructor, right? You like dance instructors. But her husband could have become a dance instructor without incurring debt, like you did.
4) They bought cars that were more expensive than ones that they would have been able to pay cash for.
5) She married someone who was in debt, and essentially, took on his debt.
6) They had children before they were in a secure enough financial position to so so.

Ras Al Ghul said...

1) Worthless degree
2) Debt for worthless degree they didn't use (it doesn't look like the student debt was his)
3) Had debt for vehicles
4) Had children.
5) "bought" a house.
6) He got married.

Will said...

I like how this article rips Dave Ramsey off point by point without attribution.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

The first mistake was marrying the debt in the first place.

RobertW said...

I can't imagine why he would marry into over $100k in debt. I'm assuming she was decent in bed and he was very thirsty.

Anonymous said...

1) "interior design degree"
2) "dance instructor"
3) "owed about $116,000 in student loans and $2,000 in car payments"
4) "growing family with a 2 and a half-year-old daughter "
5) "Kroezen and her family live in Nashville"
6) "another baby on the way"

Have a nice day!

Anonymous said...

The only mistake I see is that you are judging me and my family based on a few sentences. There's a lot more to our story than what can fit into an article. It's unfortunate you can only look for the negatives, but hey, that's the internet for you.
My child, marriage, degree, nor debt were "mistakes". I do not regret any of it. In our state, you DO have to go to school to become a registered interior designer - I am not simply a decorator (the two are easily confused). This article is not a "whoa is me, I'm in debt" story. I am not complaining about the debt. I owned it, and paid it back the quickest way possible - I don't see the problem with this. I was grateful to have a supportive husband that agreed to HELP me. He did not do it all for me. One, or both, of us at any given time before our Daughter was born held 2 jobs. He married me despite of the debt for LOVE - wow, I know that may be a hard concept to grasp in today's world...but 5.5 years later we are still going strong. I chose to stay home after my Daughter because I couldn't trust her life with anyone after a 16-month-old baby in our family was murdered by his baby-sitter. I choose to stay at home (because financially I CAN do that now) and take care of the future of America. If more people put effort into their children, the world would probably be a much different place. But during the time I stayed home, a majority was spent caring for my elderly grandfather Mon-Fri from it's not like I was sitting around twiddling my thumbs. I keep up to date on my design, and some day, maybe I will go back into it.
PS - I owed $2,000K total on a car I bought BEFORE going to college. It was a Chevy Cavalier, it wasn't a Lexus for crying out loud. We paid it off and never had another car with a car payment - we only JUST got rid of that cavalier after my owning it 11 years.
I won't return to read the comments that result from this comment because avoiding negativity has been a key component to getting where we are. The story was for inspiration....if you can't take inspiration away from it, why waste your time on it to begin with.

heresolong said...

Comments Cap? I think she has a point. I still think the $100k in college debt was a huge mistake but they are doing the right things in the right way as I mentioned above.

I think your post could use some clarification as I'm sure you had a good point you were trying to make.

Captain Capitalism said...

Oh, I'm absolutely imrpessed and proud she and her hubby got out of debt. That earns my respect and admiration.

I'm trying to prevent people from suffering like they did by pointing out some obvious mistakes than basic 4th grade math would have prevented, but seems so lacking in our 20 and 30 soemthing population.

Stupid degrees, degree mills, student debts, having kids you can't afford, car payments.



What would be nice for a change is if the media highlighted the responsible, reliable, young person who didn't make stupid decisions, blow money they didn't have, and bring kids into a world while they could only afford to buy a car on debt.

I'm being the nice guy trying to point out how youngin's can avoid such a fate.

But remember, I'm the cold asshole.

Weetabix said...

You'll be going through Nashville soon. Stop in and buy her a beer.

Aquinas Dad said...

The article states that both are working....