Sunday, February 02, 2014


As a young and completely intellect-deprived child I would thumb through hymnals to find the "oldest" piece of music I could find.  Hymnals, if you've paid attention, have the dates of the music when both written (for the lyrics) and composed (for the music).  I think the earliest I found was around 800 AD.


I also noticed something with the hymnals and brochures they'd hand out at the beginning of every brainwashing sermon.  They would list what "season" it was within the church.

"Season" meaning what was the theme or the general purpose of sermons during that particular section of the calender.  December was obvious Christmas.  Sometime in Spring there was "Easter."  Somewhere in there was "lent."  But after those major three Christian themes, you had about 10 months to fill.  So they would fill them with various over-arching themes and principles.  One of which was "stewardship."

"Stewardship" was the excuse pastors needed to guilt trip all those COUGH COUGH WHEEZE WHEEXE


Christians into actually putting a couple coins in the collection plate.  I recall Jesus saying something about "tithing" and 10%, but I guarantee you it's less than 10% of the Christians that actually tithe (you know, because Christianity can be treated like a cafeteria - you only select what you want). 

Anyway, obviously people were not contributing what they should, let alone what was needed to keep the church going so the "stewardship" theme would provide the pastor the platform necessary to berate, lecture and loathe (more than normal) the sheeple congregants into forfeiting those precious dollars.

I found it a bit dishonest, a bit underhanded, but hey, that's the Wisconsin Synod, so who cared.

Regardless, I'm going to do a bit of "stewardship" myself. However, I won't call it "stewardship," I'll call it "sponsoring."  And unlike the church, this will be a straight up, guilt free, only if it benefits you, does it benefit me, sort of relationship.

I am here to make money.

I provide a service.

People realized I have an audience.

They advertise with me.

I plug their wares.

And if they are of use to you, please kindly buy them.

If they are not.

No hard feelings and CERTAINLY no guilt.  Just keep on reading or maybe mention the ole Captain to a friend or two and you umm....won't go to um...."Cappy Cap Hell" (which is a place of fat chicks, socialists, and everybody is a teacher, but nobody produces anything).

So here are the sponsors.

Please visit them and purchase their wares if they are of benefit to you.

Thank you for all your support.



archerwfisher said...

Cappy, some fun facts about church/Christianity. (Brace yourself, church has been lying to you.)

The tithe was an income tax, basically, to support the Levites, the official priest class in Israel. And it was about 26-28%. The 10% evolved out of a middle ages feudal tax.
The priest class were the officially chosen mediators between God and man. However, now every man can approach God through prayer and repent. Hence the "priesthood of the believer."
So truly, there is no claim of the Biblical tithe on anyone anymore because:
A. There is no official priest class, unless you're Jewish and your priest is a Levite.
B. The tithe was for ancient Israel. Never for modern Christians. It was an income tax for support the Temple--an official part of the government--and never applied to modern Christians and the church.

See the book Pagan Christianity for more details.

Anonymous said...

"... and everybody is a teacher..."
...but nobody ever learns.

Sounds like Hell to me.